Daiblo 2 item Creator


I have found an Item editor and created my onw items but im having a problem getting those items into the game. The problem is that i have no idea how. If any one has any hint or tips or a good working program please post.

depending on what trainer/editor your using it should have an import feature....can you tell us which one you have?

I cant but it has no auto import and the insrtuctions are horrible. All i cant tell you is the title of the program and its "itemcreator". Is there a hint or program you can give me?

Does any one hav3e a program or some instructions on how to get an item into the game?

since you didnt provide the name, i assume u mean the item creator one.....which is ONLY a creator. you will need to get a trainer/editor to import the item.

ok thats cool. Do you know where i could get a good trainer/editor that will allow me to do this?

theres at least 2 on fileplanet.com that i know of. otherwise i'll be adding a Diablo 2 downloads page eventually...probabaly over thanskgiving or christmas break.

along with a bunch of other great utilities...stay tuned.

Thanks, But is there a way that i can get programsl ike these where it isn't impossible to create a new account. I have tried several time but every time it will never finish. It just resets the sheet and i have to try and fail again. Any hints? Or anything that may help me?

the new Jamella kicks ass dude. try that one, or ZonFire is also good.

At what website are these programs located?

well...you can just Google it. like type ZonFire Diable 2 char. editor or Jammella

Isn't there a way to get your single player person onto battlenet?

I'm partial towards hero editor, got some nice features, and allows you to hex edit.