D2loader help!!


hey i just got a new loader and i can find out how to use it....it is called d2loader 1.11b anyone who know how to use it i will apretiate it.....thanks :D

"C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -w -nohide -res800 -sleepy -altcolor -title "Diablo II" -mpq foo.mpq -skiptobnet

that's my target line if it helps
you should have also moved some stuff into the d2 directory and replaced some stuff, correct?
that target line lets you play window'd mode without it minimizing everytime you click outside of the window :)
it's lovely

i havnt moved any directory items...hmm i need some serious help lol..ill use ur target...but uhh do i need to use a diff cd key??

how do i make it so it doesnt keep saying..." u may only run 1 diablo 2 game at a time"??

no the target is just to use stuff from the loader
your loader should have came with a d2 icon you have to replace the original with
(move your original to a safe place first, then copy it)
otherwise your target line is mostly for nothing

1)copy original d2 icon from directory and move it to a safe place
2)copy loader icon that came with it to directory
3)change target line
4)play game
5)try my maphack lol. well not mine. but im not sure its the one you use? or maybe it is? anyways. yah try the target line and make sure you copy the original d2 icon FIRST! lol otherwise you have to reinstall if you ever want to not use the loader haha

edit: okay yes you need 2 cd keys. install cdkeyset1 to default place. and then copy entire folder to somewhere else. then make a shortcut and rename it like d2#1
then install it again with the second set of cdkeys and you can leave it in the default place and make a shortcut and name it like d2#2.

ok i made a copy oh the diablo 2 program file to another file...now what do i do??