D2 Relived PvP 1.09d Realm


The object of D2R is PvP. We all love PvP. That's the only thing that really keeps the game alive. So, like in 1.09, you will be rushed Normal - Hell and you will cow your ass off until level 99. Yes, it can get boring, but it only takes a few days of playing. It actually only took me 4 days, and in that time I also completed 8 rushes and leveled another character to 85. There is an experience increase in the cows, and that helps to dramatically speed things up. Saving hell ancients until you're almost at 99 is the path I took.

Here are some great features of D2R:

[list][*]You get a godly MF setup (788%) when you join and you get rewards for reaching level 99 and rushing others.
[*]Crafting godly rings and cruels are as simple as having a gem.
[*]1.08 items can drop on monsters with a level 90 or higher.
[*]Godly duped rares can spawn.
[*]Cows have a 15% experience gain added to the original 1.09 rate.
[*]There are PvP tournaments weekly in which you can gain prizes dueling against others of your class.
[*]The server is always up and the staff is friendly, active, and helpful.
[*]Maphack is allowed and can be downloaded directly from the site.
[*]There are many ways to get good items and everyone has an equal chance.
[*]There are special rushing waypoints to allow norm to hell rushes to take about 10 minutes
[*]There is a huge PvP arena to duel in
[*]Immaturity, botting, scamming, and bad manners are bannable offenses, keeping the realm clean and fun.
[*]Characters never expire, so you can take a break, play 1.11 instead, or whatever you want to do and then come back and continue where you left off.
[*]Getting rushed is easy since players are rewarded for rushing, and there are even staff members who are assigned to specifically rush you.
[*]All hacks aside from maphack are banned.
[*]d2Loader is built into the exe and allows you to join the same game with multiple characters.[/list]

Ready to play? I bet. Here's what I recommend you do:

Download the installer (thanks to TK_Incorperate for making it) from the link below, and install D2R. It's not that difficult, and will make a backup of your original files so you can switch back and forth between Bnet and D2R. Go to the website (link below) and familiarize yourself with the rules, reward system, recipes, and other things that you will need to know. I recommend making a sorc as your first character since you will be receiving the free MF Setup which just happens to be for sorcs. Nova, Thunderstorm, and Frozen Orb are the most effective sorc skills in 1.09. Look for someone in the channel with a blue name and ask them about receiving your MF gear. Get a rush by asking in the channel. Cow, cow, and cow in hell until you reach 99 and that's when you get your rewards and the fun begins. Design your own PvP character and get ready for some old school 1.09 dueling.

Link to installer:

D2Relived Official Website:

Maphack with pre-configuration designed specifically for D2R: