D2 LOD D2Jsp problem


Ok, my friend gave me D2jsp bot for D2 lod, and he help me set it up, and we got it working. Only he and his fiend(s) that use it never has this problem and i do. My bot will kill meph couple times then get realm down for like along time... some tims 30 min- 12 hours. Whats wrong?? is there suttin i need to change??? LMK

You should change the time it takes til it makes a new game like 15sec or so then make new game

Would be a good idea to have the bot do more then just meph. Toss in stuff that it can handel (and stuff that will take a bit longer). If you go on the our d2 site read up on the "realm down fix". Links on the lefthand side. No matter how much you do tho, you'll probably recieve this once after botting for around 24 hours.