D2 lod bot help PLEASE


ok back in 1.09 i ahd a pindel skin bot. and now i want another 1, but theres a problem. Now they are SO confusing... i heard d2jsp with yamb (w/e that is) was best bot program. But A, i dont know what to get, B dont know how to set it up and C how to make it run. Im a cpu moron so if some 1 could PLEASE tell me how to have a pindelskin bot, help me, like tell me where to get it. and Ill send the scruipt to u, and u can modify it to work with my sorc and send it back and ill fill out account name and PW.. I NEED someone to help me. im sure there are ppl who know eaxctly what i need and can help, please help PLEASE

Skills my sorc uses:
orb F1 main attack
thunderstorm F2
teleport f3
shiver armor f4
energy shield f5
static f7 i think

i can try its not really that hard i just can only set up fireball/blizz sorcs

Theres another post on this somewhere so im intentionally leaving out some comments....as for the difficulty of setup....I had no troubles (but I also do minor programming work took). Even so, anyone 10 and up should be easily capable of setting one up. Even so http://d2jsp.org (where you "donate" money to get the bot) will provide support after you have "donated". I think they're assholes for calling it a "donation"....donations are NOT MANDITORY. So if you dont want to "donate" go ahead and use P2P software to get hold of it...but you're on your own in terms of support and updates then. (and this I'd only reccomend to more experieced users)

Otherwise if you're just looking for pindel....grab an autoit script. We dont offer bots on this site yet, but probably will in the future.

Vinn3Bo1- well can u find me a site or tell me what 1 to get and program it? and u cant do it with orb sorc??? it should be able to be done

Matrix223- yes it is shitty they require a "donation". If i use like Limewire to get it, i am so dumb i dont know if it will be the right thing nor will i know what is what... Seriously i am pu programing retarded. I just NEED some 1 to be like here, get this, and say here is the script u need for ur sorc and all i gotta do is fill in accnt name and pw and start...

Hey your cussing KonigRR

Anyways...... Theres a guide for jhj pindlebot


i cussed cuse he did. But can u just like, i dont ill be blunt. do it for me LOL :D

please??? i dont know what to do or where to get it for free and it work

If you're planning to buy d2jsp then they provide plenty...
If you d/l it there are still things you'll have to do on your own. Unfortionally im rather busy the next few months or I'd write a guide for it. If anyone else feels like writing one up I'd be happy to give them credit and post it on the main site ect.

that would be awsome, like a guide as how to and where to download and what things you need and how to set it up? That would be sweet, hopefully some 1 takes up the challange. Also its too bad you are so busy. anywayz ill keep checkin this post for any info