D2 Dupe


I dont know if there is accually a way to duplicate an item. If there is that only 1 person has to be involved in please tell me.

currently there is not, but diablo is starting to die off like crazy, amazing over two weeks how many people i dont see play anymore.

I quit 5 months before 1.10 was released cause i was sick of the ongoing lies of when it would be released....and then found how little it actually did to prevent dupes/hacking ect. IMO its been dying since then.


What does ox226 mean on hex editor i cant find that when i open my char up with hex just say like 00000010 00000020 00000030 and so no there is no 0x266 on my hex i cant find it O_O :confused:

well, first of all, 0x are not hex characters, well, the x isnt anyway, it goes from 0123456789ABCDEF and second, are you talking about an item editor?