D2 Character Editor


Hey i got this GREAT D2 Editor. Its called JamellaD2Editor.
I got it by goin to a search engine such a GOOGLE and typed in Jamella Diablo 2 editor
Well................tell me if u like it!!!

actually there is a better editor out there called, zonfire, you are able to edit both, .09 and .10 characters. it is a very powerful editor which i think all would enjoy, you can find it about the same way by doing a google search and typing in:(zonfire) or (hero editor).

JamellaD2Editor has been a popular editor for SP D2/exp for a long time. I'm positive its in our trainer downloads....havent had much experience with zonfire tho...hardly seen that name...tho i dont play D2 much anymore. Any idea of the creators website?

Jamella's editor is a little to buggy, but it's not bad

An editor allows you to editor your characters stats and items on single player and open B.net games, the zon fire also allows hex editing, but be carful, you can cause your character to become invalid, so don't mess with the hexing unless you know what you are doign, and if something don't work you can just save your char to how it was before changes where made. :)