d2 1.11


does neone know if there is a maphack that will work with the new D2 patch? I feel like I am blind without it :(

I believe "Mouspad" is working on a maphack. Either that or his site is down :-/. But I am not sure that D2X is that big of a deal anymore. It is an old game.

Yes, there is currently about 2 Maphacks, but they are causing people to get banned. All the anti-detection's were assembled wrong. Mousepad is working on one that will work, so your best bet is to wait for it, dont use anything else. It should be released within a few weeks.

Ok... Thanks for the heads up on the other maphacks. Would not be very nice to get banned :eek: . As for mousepad do you suppose that there will be a fee for the program or not?

Im pretty sure they'll release a free beta version, then they may later recall it and try to charge or price, or they'll do some stupid free-trial act at least. So it shouldn't be too hard to get.