Cracked d2jsp


[Diablo II LOD bot] [BTman_2]

If anyone would like the d2jsp cracked version of the maphack or bot just pm me and i will put up a link for the file or add it to the site if matrix will allow, it is not a real big file.

cracked version? so long as it being "cracked" doesnt mean your getting around paying for it then ya, u can post it...otherwise no. freeware/shareware files only.

i think by cracked...
he meant

um... the cd he had it on.. got a.... crack..

ya know?

lol, not quite dark, it is kinda freeware, i got it for free :D

I see your out for the day...later this weekend give me an IM and send it to me...i'll have a look and see for myself...I'm looking to get a small D2 hacks page put up this weekend so that might be added so long as there wont be a huge issue about it.

can u put a link out on tha page or something...? thanks a lot anyway :D

we'll be getting a D2 d/ls page going ASAP, but theres a few things ahead of it. It will come tho.


Just for your information guys: Im a d2jsp moderator.. d2jsp requires a donation fee of 25$ to be allowed into the scripts section and to get the key required for it to run.. So anyone who runs d2jsp but didnt donate are using a cracked ( hence in my eyes NOT legit copy of it).. And a little sidenote.. the cracked version has been causing some ppl to get banned from Bnet.. due to the lack of any security which was stripped along with the cracking of it.. Only the legit donated version of d2jsp has imbedded security for antidetection.

well.... 25 $ is quite much cash.... and the bot is hard to config why dont crack it? i dont belive u when u say that legit bot is undetecable and cracked is VERY easy detectable...thats bullshit... :D

ignore kriss, he got a hold of a bad bunch of the "green stuff" ;) I have been using the bot and the maphack, cracked might i add for a long time and havent got banned yet, not my fault that d2jsp requires you to "donate", which i think most that money goes right to some of their pockets, which on a .org site it is illegal. but they arent making a profit, of course... :confused: but i havent had any problems with it as of this date.

Hello guys :) any of u got that script for d2jsp where it gets u to lvl 99 in 3 days?

not sure if a script like that can exist - I wouldnt think so....and if it did, it would prob take longer then 3 days even if you werent at the comp the whole time.

QUOTE: not sure if a script like that can exist - I wouldnt think so....and if it did, it would prob take longer then 3 days even if you werent at the comp the whole time.

I cant remember the webside for d2jsp but on the webside under download i think when u buy d2jsp for 25 dollars or what it is u get a bot that makes u lvl 99 in 3 days...

i dont know if its true cuz i also just have cracked version and there is not so many scripts as if u brought d2jsp :)

hey, there is a lvl 1-99 script, but it takes a little while, plus you need another diablo window with sep cd keys, or another comp, b/c the bot needs another char to follow in order to advance to kill enemies.


Not quite.. i dont smoke nor drink.. just cause you have a .org site does not make it illegal for you to make money.. but everything costs money.. programmers and servers arent exactly free so you should stop whining or stop using d2jsp..
and btw.. yes.. since the illegal d2jsp is stripped of all security and the real version isnt .. well you do the math.. and njaguar does deserve it.. he has been putting LOTS of time into d2jsp.. and ive had reports of ppl who used the illegal d2jsp getting banned.. just fyi..

I know you can collect money for servers and what not, but I know that you greedy Bastards are pocketing it, which is illegel for .org sites. And people have been know to be banned for using the legal d2jsp version also. funny you say legal, cuse there nothing legal about using bots on diablo II, LOL, that is why, when you bot, you can get banned.