Is there anyway I can get my single player chacters onto and also get my b net characters onto my single player?

Well it sorta depends. You should be able to use single player char files with open chars...back with version 1.08 when I played it I remember having the caracters available when you signed on far as closed realm characters go...there is no way to take a SP char and use it on b-net servers...too easy to hack up your chars then...they host the files so you dont have access to change stats on them ect.
Was there something particular you were trying to do?

Yes I downloaded some lvl 40 characters and i have ALL of their skills, and i wanted to play with them on b net so i could kinda "show off"
also i have version 1.10
also do u know of a place where i could download charsers that r like lvl 99 with FULL skills and great items or somthing like that?
heres where i went :

tell me if u know of a place better than that

you could d/l a trainer or character editor that would allow you to create your own character however you want....these characters will only be useable on single player and closed b-net servers.

OK could u explain b net to me? iv never understood
open b net closed b net? all the other b nets? wtf r ppl talking about with all this? idk wat it all means!!!
(im NOT yelling)

Q:What's the difference between OPENED and CLOSED characters?

A:Open Characters are stored locally on your own computer and, while you can set up games and chat over, you cannot play these Characters on a Diablo II Realm. In an Open Game, one player's computer is the game server, while the other players connect to it. Since Blizzard cannot be responsible for the locally stored Characters, or the servers upon which the games are played, Open Games are more vulnerable than Realm Games to certain forms of manipulation and abuses by other players. The big advantage of Open Games, however, is that you can bring your Single Player Characters onto You can play with your friends over, and then continue playing that Character in Single Player as you wish

google is your friend :p

well if i cant use my hacked single player chasracters on b net then please tell me a place to d/l a trainer or character editer so i can have really good hacked characters on bnet

the point of having closed "realm" characters is so that every plays fairly and CANT hack...wouldnt be fun otherwise. You can still play online with hacked chars all you want so long as its on open b-net...

ok i know wat u mean but my point is that i went on open bnet and iv seen that its reallly trippy! and like every game i tryed to join, i couldnt for some reason or another

what kind of connection do you have...and whos your ISP?

well i count join for m a few reasons somtimes... like expansion chars only and game failed to join and full and other stuff
i have broudband and my isp is earthlink

failed to join usually happens because there is a bad connection either on your end or blizzards....servers might be overcrowded at that particular time...........for the expansion thing...just go out and buy it for like 20 bucks.