CD Key Changer help (LOD)


So I feel kinda embarrased about asking for this cause usually I download something like this and snap it works .. anyway ..

I got the CD key changer from the website and I was kinda of stumped :confused: as what to do. I think I followed the directions .. here is what I did so far.

Edited the auto-cdkey.reg so the d2xcdkey is set equal to the new cd key I want to use with it (i got a new LOD cd key and I want to use this new one).
So I edit that then I place it into the game folder and double click it.
Then I run the refiller and it asks me for an install directory. I didn't know what to choose so I made a subfolder for it and nothing was installed into it.

If anyone would be willing to give a really STEP BY STEP guide on replacing my LOD cd-key I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance. :D