cd key changer


hey. im new so first ill introduce myself. im magicalherb! ok

i need a cd key changer for d2, i looked in this forum and there were posts that said there was a program for it somewhere but i CANT find it im sorry. can someone point me to it?

Just click the link below its right near it you should see it if you just scroll down. If not let me know ill post another link.


thats great! thank you very much, i have it.
just another question though, i need a cd key to play online, is the only way to get one by buying a new copy of the game? i had one but i lost the little paper thing the disc came in so idk it now :( i wanna play d2 so bad

There is just click the link below it should help...Mind you its possible these are already in use or banned... it could take a while for you to find a good one.

new diablo 2 event

:O yay
well, i got my mom to buy me a new copy of LOD cuz she was at target today. now...

1 last thing. i am unable to connect to u.s. east, us west works fine but whenever i try us east it says its unable to connect. im guessing this may have something to do with changing my cd key like 5 times in 20 minutes. if theres anything i can do, would you mind telling me?
thanks, this is my last question :D

This could take some time to find out give me a day and ill get back to you with a solution... Possibly someone else will know the problem and fix it for you but ive never used the cd key changer so ill have to do some trial and error latter on today...Just continue to check back it should be posted by tommorow. Rather i know or not i will tell you.

ps. i swaped cd keys a few times but i didnt come up with any problems leading to not joining useast or west so i couldnt say specificaly whats the problem maybe somone else has the answer?