When installing Diablo 2: LoD I came across a problem. It says "Insert Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction CD" and it had already asked for it and installed some from it and now it isn't accepting my cd. What do I do?


Delete every d2 thing and try to isntall again.

If your CD key is legit then send your cd case into blizzard (and manual I think) and they'll send you a new key. Might wana check on what you send and where you send it to first.

OK so apparantly I have TFT AKA warcraft III expansion. but no cd key. is there a possible way to get a cd key besides buying a new one... or sending it in? maybe.. possibly a free one? I've heard of key makers on the internet somewhere. :confused:

CD key makers will allow you to play campaign mode, but not online. There are sites on the net that allow you to swap cd keys for games (especially blizzard games)....dont know any sites offhand tho, search google. Id suggest buying a key of whatever you need if you already have the software. You can try through blizzard first and do that if its not too much hassel or there are sites that sell CD keys like this for about $10 each. Once again check on google. (even ebay if you want)