Bobafett trainer not working


MY bobofett trainer isnt working;(
I downloaded it at and it says you are running an unsupported versoin of diablo and/or the folder diablo is open ETC.How do i fix this?When i try to pick a char to lists a bunch of guys named io or oi and the o has weird things over it...How do i fix this? :mad:

Yes there is a version update which I havent had time to post. you need 6.8 to use it. Should be up in the next week or 2.

Thx for telling me that:) But i found out i just needed a Dif Ver and i found it, Someone had posted links to trainers, So now i got my trainer working :D hehe :D :D :D :D :D :D

it says unsupported for me too, but i goto add hacks and load the hacks manually and i works. when can we expect that upgrade though? doesnt matter since i can just use the above method but just wondering

Sorry, its still on the backburner, I'll move it up a bit :-\

OK updated, 6.8 version is on the Diablo 1 site.