Blizzard Hack STORM!!! Must Read!!


Hello everyone,
So i found out that blizzard has busted down on the hackers lately and is banning everyone with one. I have a couple friends using stings and saying it is working well and there not getting caught. I was wondering if there are any other hacks like those of hero editors and item editors + any Loaders or more maphacks. If you know of any still in service let me know. Id be very gratefull


I dont think this exists

There are many hacks, but i only suggest you use stings...I gaurntee you will be banned for bots/loaders/ and many other hacks...Hero editor is a open bne hack which is fine to be used on there same with bots you can use any hack on open bne im sure you know. If you would like links and if its okay with the mods ill post them on a special thread and ill make links for every hack on d2x/d2 that i can find/know of. Just have to run it by the mods. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea let me know and ill ask them my self.