Best Way to Get Rich Fast


I haven't played D2 in a while, all my characters were deleted, and frankly, I don't know the economy of the game very well anymore. What is the best way to get rich fast? Rune-Hunting? MFing? ForgeRushing? Please tell me which one, what character, what attributes, what skills, and please be specific in the method. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ help a brotha out.

To be honest there is only 2 ways to get rich...MF your self or find a rich person and befriend him! Mfing is easy best char if your poor fire sorc max meteor + all synergies + fire mastry... If you have played before you already know to get tele im sure and your choice of armor wrather it be chilling/frozen so on, for this build you dont need energy shield/static so dont waste points this char is pure mf for a poor person.

Poor gear.

Armor: 4 sock p topaz armor "any armor look for low str req"
Helm: 3 sock p topaz helm "any helm once again low str req"
Weapon: occy "easy way to get save pgems its not really that expensive"
Shield: ryhme "excuse spelling its a runeword shield."
rings: clearly sojs are too expensive just look for mana/mf bonus or dex/str something that adds to your needs.
ammy: same as above try for a 30+ mf ammy or a +1-2 or +3 fire skill ammy.
boots: try to just look for mf gear
gloves: same as boots just look for mf!

Sorry about how its set up i know its sloopy but im sure you get the jest of it.
Perf mf is 250 if you ask me. I hope this helped and didnt hinder you in anyway if it did just post again with what your problem is ill do my best to clear things up. Good luck!

ps. Also pgems are a good way to get rich i belive its 15-20 for a HR. I believe this is ladder only, but the above info works for ladder/non-ladder

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Thank you matrix.

Great suggestion Lonlyassasin...could have said it better myself