Account Hacking


Is there any way to hack accounts or to mess them up in any or some way. My frind wants me to "Hack' Some Kids accounts and im poor and he was gonna give me the D2 expansion for free if i could do it. Any links to sites with that sort of thing? I could Care less but he seems to really want to get this person.

If he told you youd get a shiny new quarter, would you shoot someone too without knowing why?

If there were such a way to easily do something like that on b-net Diablo 2 online would no.

yeah im with matrix

account hacking is just... n00ular

in my opnionin, its stealing (not piracy, im cool with that, but not stealing)

hey besides account hacking can anyone tell me what to do with it wont let me in it says unable to conect

im going to try and make the statement stand out.

You can bruteforce a account 'hack' for hours trying to get there password.
This isnt really hacking at all... you cant mess there account up what so ever, because the account isnt held on anyones computers so giving them a virus or 'hacking' there computer to screw there files wont do anything either.. (not that anyone would do that because obviously this makes no sense).
The only way anyone claims to be 'hacked' is if they ran a trojan, keylogger, what ever you want to call it, or they were either stupid enough to have a easy password or share there account, dont fall for this shit.

And anyone who can brute, it takes alot of proxies and is kind of useless because the chances of getting there bass out of a 254kb file of passes is like saying i can type 123 and get your account.

close this? :-D