About hacking diablo II LOD


Hey everyone, as you can see, I'm new to these forums. I was hoping some people here would have some experiance in creating hacks. Don't stop reading this post just yet, I'm not just another newb. I mainly hack Starcraft/Broodwar, but I'm looking to expand and start hacking diablo II also I released several hacks for Starcraft, including Stigmata (maphack/multicommand it has a lot in it) and various others. I was wondering, would anyone here (who knows what they're doing) like to start hacking with me? I'm unfirmilliar with the protection (warden I hear is now on diablo II) but I'm sure hacks still can be made. Anyway, if anyone is nice enough, to show me the ropes of hacking diablo II, mainly help me get around warden, so I don't waste multiple cd keys on it, I would greatly appreciate it.

im no computer wiz but find out how this maphack works and then build on it!

supply and demand!