1.11 stuff


Ok, diablo II 1.11 is an interesting one. Apparently...

-You can aquire 3 secret keys from 3 different unique monsters. (the countress[act 1] the summoner[act 2] Nilithak[act 3]) (Might I also add that there is only a 1/32% chance of getting those items, magic find seems to not do anything)
-After you get these, you are supposed to go to act five, and use them in the cube, opening a portal, were three uber-bosses are.
-You kill the three uber bosses (I forget who) and you get the three items. put those in a cube in act 5, and do kill some other stuff, to get a charm(I get confused around the end, sorry, but I havn't gotten this far).

I have some questions...
1) Is there a map-hack yet?
2) can zonfires char. editor notice the items yet, I have tried but it just deletes them.
3)Does the portal stay up?

In regards to Map Hack, any and all mods are currently under development. Rest assure that there are a few working Map Hack mods as well as TradeScam mods, if that's what your into. I can give you a few reliable URL's for Diablo II LoD 1.11 Map Hacks/Utilities if you'd like.


Nithalak is in act 5 and its only in hell


And also its uber meph d and baal kil them for unique charm and soh


Can someone give me a URL to a 1.11 working tradehack? I tried TradeScam but I can't get it to work. Thanks.