1.10 bugged/hack


hi, just whondering if there are any bugged, hacked items, dupes in 1.10??
noticed some people walk around with "bugged wirts leg" makeing them invisible.
And whonder if theres any chanse of geting my hands on some "horadric boots" ?? in 1.10? :D
and if possible dupe?

Reason why i want all this cheat things, is coz i lost all my 8 acc's full of godly items, just coz i didnt use D2 for like 6-7 months :eek:
Anywayzcould be fun try out lil buggy things now when im started from scratch...

Shit happens...u dont suddenly need cheats to gain it back tho. If your that desperate, buy a few MF items for a items store. http://team-vip.com has good prices and is one of our sponsors.

I havent heard anything about items making users invisable, but im sure it will be corrected soon if there is. I'm outta the D2 loop tho so not all too sure whats going on these days.


Nope, not desperate at all, an one must be VERY desperate or DUMB to buy items for a game such as diablo :P

Anyways.. not planning to gain that much items or play as long as i did before with 8 acc's. So thought this time it could be fun to try out any buggs or cheats if there are any ^^

youd be shocked to know the staggering numbers of people who run to buy items everyday. I almost wish I had gotten into the business when it first started because you could make a living off it from what I hear.....not secure enough to do for the rest of your life, but a good thing to do to earn extra $$$ while its popular...and that popularity has been around and gaining thus far for the past 2-3 years.


Wel i know some people i met on b.net have spent money on Diablo items,
and the majority of them are 10-14 y old kids, and they are very deperate, and eager in their ways, to play diablo 24/7 and trynig to be the best D2 player or something... :cool:

Still think its a BIG waist of money, and the people who buy diablo items are very young and dumb, or just plain ol computer neards with to much money :D

Im just playing D2 now until i finnishd my WoW beta download..
So Anywayz, are ther any dupe'ing for 1.10? or similar?

Search the forums....not any recent working ones...

and I agree its a big waste of money...its more fun finding stuff on your own id think...but that doesnt take away the fact that theres a large market for it.