Class Respawn Selector

You can put this file in your Etmain map. This is the main config file for the Class selector.

To make this script work you should put the files into your ETMAIN folder.
You can execute the selector by typing this in your console: "/exec class.cfg"  (Without Quotes)
Or you can type this in your "autoexec.cfg" file: "exec class.cfg" (Without Quotes)

To be used with:


set menu "echo ^3F4^1: ^2ENGINEER ^3F5^1: ^2MEDIC; echo ^3F6^1: ^2FIELDS OPS ^3F7^1: ^2COVERT OPS; echo ^3F8^1: ^2SOLDIER ^3F9^1: ^2TEAM (ALLIED/AXIS)
set teamb "set teamtoggle vstr teamr;exec cfg/allies.cfg;echo ^3****** Allied ******;vstr menu"
set teamr "set teamtoggle vstr teamb;exec cfg/axis.cfg;echo ^3****** Axis ******;vstr menu"
set teamtoggle "vstr teamb"
bind "F9" "vstr teamtoggle"

// Executing the Allies and Axis Script
exec cfg/allies.cfg
exec cfg/axis.cfg