Axis Respawn Script

Put this file in this folder in your etmain map: cfg/axis.cfg

This is the config file for the Axis part of the class selector.

To be used with: Class Respawn Selector

set ing1 "team r 2 3 38;echo ^2****Engineer with MP40****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wEngineer^1]^w=^2 MP40 ^3*****; set engineer vstr ing2"
set ing2 "team r 2 23 38;echo ^2****Engineer with K43****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wEngineer^1]^w=^2 K43 ^3*****; set engineer vstr ing1"
set engineer "vstr ing1"
bind F4 "vstr engineer"

set medic "team r 1 3 38;echo ^2****MEDIC****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wI'm going^1]^w=^2 Medic ^3*****"
bind F5 "vstr medic"

set field "team r 3 3 38;echo ^2****Fields Ops.****; say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wI'm going^1]^w=^2 Field Ops. ^3*****"
bind F6 "vstr field"

set cov1 "team r 4 32 38;echo ^2****Covert with K43****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wCovert^1]^w=^2 K43 ^3*****; set covert vstr cov2"
set cov2 "team r 4 33 38;echo ^2****Covert with FG42****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wCovert^1]^w=^2 FG42 ^3*****; set covert vstr cov3"
set cov3 "team r 4 10 38;echo ^2****Covert with STEN****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wCovert^1]^w=^2 Sten ^3*****; set covert vstr cov1"
set covert "vstr cov1"
bind F7 "vstr covert"

set sol1 "team r 0 5 3;echo ^2****Soldier with PANZERFAUST****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wSoldier^1]^w=^2 Panzerfaust ^3*****; set soldier vstr sol2"
set sol2 "team r 0 6 3;echo ^2****Soldier with FLAMETHROWER****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wSoldier^1]^w=^2 Flamethrower ^3*****; set soldier vstr sol3"
set sol3 "team r 0 35 3;echo ^2****Soldier with MORTAR****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wSoldier^1]^w=^2 Mortar ^3*****; set soldier vstr sol4"
set sol4 "team r 0 31 3;echo ^2****Soldier with MOBILE (MG42)****;say_team ^3***** ^w=^1[^wSoldier^1]^w=^2 Mobile (MG42) ^3*****; set soldier vstr sol1"
set soldier "vstr sol1"
bind F8 "vstr soldier"