Enemy Territory Scripts

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Do a quick 180 turn, faster than you ever could by hand!

Helper file for Allies when using the class respawner script

Enable/disable the atmospheric effects like rain or snow.

Helper script for the axis respawn scripts

Auto field of view while firing for better aiming trick.

Class respawn script for Axis and Allies.

Toggle command map in and out.

Bindable key to change crosshair colors on the fly.

Provides a hotkey to turn the in game record ability on and off.

Show or hide your gun in the hud.

A hotkey to switch explosions and the partical system on and off. Performance booster.

Two hotkeys for increasing and decreasing gama settings.

Press this key to show and hide info, like your FPS, Lagometer, Speedometer, and more.

When you press this button you will instantly deploy artillery where you are aiming to.

Canned nick name updater script.

A macro script that allows you to see your stats quickly via F7 by default.

Increase the fire rate/speed of your akimbo guns.

Real world clock on your HUD.