Maps - Siwa Oasis

1 Allied start Point.
2 1st Pump build, and Tunnel Entrance. Following this tunnel will take you directly to the 2nd pump build at #6.
3 Entrance to the Old City. Note there is a lower and upper entrance.
4 Allied command post. Quickest way to find it is to take the Upper entrance to the old city.
5 Forward Respawn Point. This flag disappears once the wall is blown. Whoever controls the flag Spawns here.
6 2nd Pump build and Wall Breach. Watch for Axis on the ledges above the Wall. Axis have a door by the wall breach and on the ledge above it, where they can make devastating use of Heavy Weapons. Make use of the Ammo and med packs available in the room next to the forward respawn room.
7 North West exit from the Old City leading to the Axis Garrison Building, heavy casualties will be taken by both teams here, as Allies are "bottlenecked". Make use of both the upper and lower routes, to push the Axis back.
8 South West exit from the tunnel, leading to the Garrison Building.
9 Static MG42 Allies must destroy this position. This is also a good entry point to get inside the Garrison building, and attack the guns, avoiding the mined route. (marked by red "M")
10 Axis Command Post.
11 Objective rooms. North and South Gun's. You must plant and defend the "dyno" drop. Be aware that you are in a confined space, and one enemy grenade with make short work of you.
12 The Guns, these must be destroyed by Allies to secure the win.
M This is an area you should expect to find mines. Due to the close proximity of the Axis respawn, there is no time to defuse. It is easier to Assault each gun with a number of players. Using the first 2 players to explode the mines (sacrifice) followed by an Engineer and a Medic.