Maps - Railgun

1 This is a MG42 nest, use it for protecting your spawn area, and the area towards the railgun.
2 This is the first train, use it for collecting the ammo at #12. The train will only move as long as there are somebody inside it. Expect heavy fire when riding the train.
3 This is a crucial area in the game, the team that controls this area has a great advantage.
4 Follow the path to the right, until you reach the train yard. The train yard is also a very crucial area since this serves as an alternate spawning point for both Allies and Axis.
5 This is the second train that you have to escort down to the railgun, but you can't do that before the first train arrives with the ammo.
6 This is the Alternate spawning area for both Allies and Axis, it also include a MG42 nest that you have to build.
7 This is the entrance to the bunker complex, you can use this to circle around the enemy and hit them from behind.
8 This is Railgun, plant mines around it to protect it from Allies engineers. The fire controls are place on the top of the railgun. If the fire controls are blown by the Allies, make sure that you have an engineer around to fix it.
9 The first train will stop here until you have raised the signal switch Expect very heavy fire in this area, since this is very close to the Allies main spawning point.
10 This is an Allies MG42 nest covering the signal switch. Make sure that you destroy it, and put mines around it.
11 This is inside the bunker complex, this is where you will find the command post and a first aid/ammo station.
12 This is where you have to take the first train. When the train reaches this point the ammo for the railgun will be loaded on the train. You then have to take it back to #5 where the ammo will be loaded on the second train.