Maps - Goldrush

1 Allied Start Point. From here head for the Tank and prepare to fight.
2 This is the road leading to the Courtyard where the Tank is Located. Make full use of the Ammo/Med packs located on the Left side of the road.
3 Once inside the Courtyard, your priority is, to repair the Tank.
4 Also in the courtyard is the command post, again it is a shared Command post, so if Axis have built it, destroy it and rebuild it as yours.
5 Allies view towards an Axis Tank barricade build point. If Axis have done their job the road here will be blocked.
6 Axis view of the first Tank Barricade. This will become a hotspot for fighting.
7 Once the barricade is blown move the Tank through the streets, this is going to test you to the max, and Axis will throw everything they have at you, to stop your progress.
8 Once the Tank reaches the bottom of the hill, you will be faced by another barricade, there is a Static MG42 here, which will be very handy for giving covering fire to Engineers, attempting to clear the path. It also serves to force Axis to use a back route out of their respawn area.
9 Axis view of 2nd Tank Barricade under construction.
10 With the 2nd barricade blown, get the Tank into the bottom courtyard and blow the doors off that Bank.
11 Now fight your way into the Bank, and steal the 2 boxes of gold. You must carry these to the truck that is waiting outside, once on the truck they are secure.
12 The Truck. Once loaded with Gold, you must Escort the Truck out of the town to Complete your mission. Axis can hamper this by building road blocks and damaging the Truck, so have some Engineers handy.
13 View of the 1st Axis Road block that is intended to stop the Truck. There is also some Ammo/Med packs up for grabs in this area to.
14 View of the 2nd Axis road block, blow this and it's pretty much Home and Dry, for the Allies.