Maps - Fuel Dump

1 Build the MG42 nest and use it to protect the bridge area.
2 Build the foot bridge and go this way to attack the Axis from behind. Expect heavy fire from the Axis team while building the bridge.
3 You have to build this bridge to get the tank to the fuel dump. This area will be attacked by the Axis team and you need a lot of support to survive in this area. You also have to bring the tank to this area.
4 When the tank reaches map point #3 it will blow the tunnel gates and you have access to the rest of the map.
5 This is the Axis command center, this should be destroyed A.S.A.P, it will make the Axis recharge times longer.
6 This is the Allies command center, build this to make your recharge faster. It will also serve as a first aid center and a ammo depot. Beware the entrance to this command center is often mined by the Axis.
7 The Axis can build a MG2 tower here, if they have then blow it. If nothing has been build here the Allied team should build a MG 42 nest here to cover the main entrance to the Axis base.
8 This is the main entrance to the Axis base, when the tank reaches this point it will blow the Base gates. The entrance will most often be mined. There is a small door to the right of the gates but this is locked. The locked door can be opened by Axis players or by a Allied Covert ops wearing a German uniform.
9 After the main gates are destroyed the tank will proceed to this point and blow a hole in the wall. The allied team can jump over this wall if three players stand on top of each other. The area on the other side of the wall is properly mined by the axis team.
10 If you use a covert ops in a Axis uniform you can get him to open the roof door. If you get to the roof, there is free access to the fuel dump.
11 To the left and right of the objective there are (If build by Axis) a fence that can be blown by a covert ops or by a engineer. This is the main objective, when this is destroyed, the round is over. Beware : This area is properly mined by the Axis team.