Maps - Battery

1 Allied start point. 3, 2, 1, Run. Don't hang around here, as once the game begins, where you stand will erupt with Air Strikes from Axis..... Move it Soldier!!
1a This is the second spawn point you can use and the safest one, because this is almost out of range from enemy fire. It's also very close to the back entrance where you find the command post and a first aid station. You can choose this spawn point in the limbo menu, by clicking on the flag that indicates a spawn point.
2 This is a view taken from the rocks in the water and is a good spot for a Panzer Soldier or Field Ops, to disrupt Axis activity in and around the West Bunker.
3 This Shot shows the West Bunker from the beach, with the Assault Ramp built. Once the ramp is built, the Allies can charge the west Bunker. Be aware that Axis can destroy the Ramp with a Satchel Charge or Dynamite. Then you are back to Square one.
4 This the most Easterly point of the map, and after a quick swim across the bay, you can climb this cliff walkway, to the top and find a Command post to build, (best done sooner rather than later), it also leads to the back entrances to the compound. Keep your eyes peeled for mines.
5 After climbing the cliff and making your way around to the rear of the compound, you will find the a Bunker, in here are some med/ammo packs, and this is the location of the Axis/Allied Command Post. (Note follow the Yellow sign and you get here).
6 A little further on from the Axis/Allied Command post, is a rail carriage. Near to it are some locked doors that, can be accessed by a disguised Covert Ops.
7 Axis/Allied Command Post, build it as fast as possible. Use the Fixed MG42 to protect the path from the beach. "This is a shared command post, you'll have to fight over it to maintain possession".
8 West Compound, this contains the Forward respawn flag, and whoever controls it, controls the game. You must take it, and Keep it. (To find it follow the Green signs).
9 Once inside the compound you will be faced with some tuff resistance as you are bottlenecked from one room to another. Follow the signs, and shoot straight. Axis will be pouring round every corner, so you cannot afford any Team kills.
10 Your first port of call has to be the generator. Follow the red signs, and blow it up. Once you do this it will disable all the automatically locked doors, and allow your mates entrance to the compound from the rear, and also entry to the objective room. Be aware that Axis can rebuild this.
11 This is it. The Seawall Battery Gun. All you have to do now is Dynamite the Guns Controls, or, Defend them. Whichever team you play for this is the most important room on the map. To get here quick, follow the Blue Signs.