Q. How do I get colours in my name?
A. Bring down the console in game and type /name typenamehere. Below is a list of colour codes you can use to change the colour of the letters.

^1 : Red
^2 : Green
^3 : Yellow
^4 : Blue
^5 : Light blue
^6 : Magenta
^7 : White
^8 : Black

If i apply this on my clanname it would be like this:
/2RB/Eagle = /name ^8/ ^72 ^1RB ^8/ ^1E ^9a ^1gle
This is another example:Jolo = /name ^2Jo ^6lo

Q. How do I choose my weapon?
A. To start with, Medics and Field Ops are stuck with the Thompson/MP40, they cannot choose or pick up another weapon. The Soldier/Engineer/Covert Ops however are all able to select the weapon they spawn with. To do this bring up the limbo menu (default key L) and click on the picture of the weapon at the bottom right corner of your screen. This will display a menu from which you can choose the weapon you would like to use.

Q. How can I pick up weapons I see lying on the ground?
A. To have any chance of picking up a weapon from the ground it must first be a weapon which your class is able to use. This means that if you are a medic for example and you see a sniper rifle on the ground you CANNOT pick it up because a medic can only use a Thompson/MP40. If your class can select the weapon from the limbo menu as described above then they can pick up the corresponding weapons on the ground. This however does include the Axis/Allied equivelents. So an Allied Medic CAN pick up an MP40. To pick up the weapon first place your crosshair over it so that you see a "grabbing" hand. When you see this action symbol press the pick-up key (default G). This will drop your weapon and pick up the one you are looking at.

Q. What do all the "You have been rewarded with...." actually do?
A. When leveling up in the different skill areas you are rewarded with useful abilities.

Q. When I quit will I still keep the XP i earned?
A. No. The XP earnt lasts through the 3/6/10 map campaigns but no longer. At the end of each campaign everyone's XP is reset as is their rank and skills. If you quit the game and then rejoin you will do so with 0 XP. But there are a few servers that keep your XP they use special scripts for it, mostly you see it in the name of the server. If it says: i.e. 10 map campaign + XP Save = that means you will keep your XP when the campaign is over and restarts.

Q. How do I set up the MG42?
A. You must be prone to set up the MG42. You can go prone (lie down) by pressing Z (default) or by pressing crouch and double tapping fowards. Once prone press your alternate fire key (default right mouse button) to deply the MG42. Be aware that deploying takes time as does putting it away. During each process you cannot move and are completely defenceless. Once deployed you also have a limited field of view and cannot turn around a full 360 degress until you press alternate fire again to retract the MG42.

Q. Some coloured letters have appeared next to my name, what do they stand for?
A. These are medals awarded to you because you excelled in a certain area. There are a total of 7 medals available. Each of the 7 medals is awarded to the single person who earned the most experience points in that area at the end of that round.

H - Heavy Weapons
C - Covert Ops
F - First Aid
E - Engineering
S - Signals

B - Battle Sense
L - Light Weapons

Q. At the start of each round I keep getting asked if I want to join a fireteam, what do they do?
A. A fireteam is merely a sub-group within your side. It allows quick and more effective communication with a smaller group of people and you can send messages to people only in your fireteam by pressing (default key) U. By bringing up the map (default key G) you can also see the names of the people in your fire-team displayed next to their player icon giving you a quick overview of where your group is.

Q. I've just got the "No Friends Award", what does that mean??
A. Its nothing personal, just means that you had the most team-kills.

Q. Is it true you can lie on an airtstrike canister to stop the airstrike?
A. Yes. If you see the canister with the smoke coming out infront of you, lie down and smoother it completely. It still blows up, similar to a grenade and so might kill you but it does prevent the airstrike and so may save some of your team-mates. It's not always 100% successful though and the best tactic is probably still to get out of the way.

Q. How do I call in artillery support?
A. You must be a Field Ops to call an artillery strike. Take out yoiur binoculars (default key B) and using the crosshair, look at the spot on the ground where you want to release the artillery. Click your attack button (default left mouse key), assuming you have a full XP bar, the barrage will be called in.

Q. What can the Covert Ops destroy with his satchel charge?
A. Satchel charges have the ability to destroy all command posts and MG42 emplacements. They can also cause damage to the tank in Goldrush/Fueldump as well as the truck. Other objects the satchel charge can destroy are - the foot bridge on Fueldump, the assault ramp in beach.

Q. I stepped on a mine, what do i do?!
A. The mine explodes when you walk off the mine. When you hear the hiss and see the smoke you have two options. The first is to stand still. As long as you remain on the mine it will not go off. If you are an engineer or there is an engineer near by, they can defuse the mine using the pliers. The other option is to sprint + jump off the mine in an attempt to minimize damage. Unless you are at full health you will be killed doing this.

Q. How do I find out my FPS (frames per second)?
A. Bring down the console (using the ` (tidle) key) and type "/cg_drawfps 1" but without the " ". Your FPS will appear on the right hand side of your screen, just below the mission time. I've heard a lot of people ask so to clear it up, FPS is NOT the same as your ping. It is not based on the speed of your internet connection but on how many frames on animation per second you are producing. A faster system will produce a faster FPS. The higher the value the better.