Allies/Axis Ranks

Improvements in a player's general and class-specific skill level are rewarded periodically with promotion to a superior rank. Ranks in Enemy Territory range from Private to General. (and their Axis counterparts) Ranks are displayed on the player's helmet for everyone to see. Ranks are a visible warning to the enemy of a player's current skill level and experience points.

Sign Rank (Allies) Rank (Axis) Skills needed
- Private Schutze This is your starting rank.
Private First Class Oberschutze 1 Skill point in any skill.
Corporal Gefreiter 2 skill points in any skill.
Sergeant Feldwebel 3 Skill points in any skill.
Lieutenant Leutnant 1 Skill full. (Any skill)
Captain Hauptmann 2 Skills full. (Any skill)
Major Major 3 Skills full. (Any skill)
Colonel Oberst 4 Skills full. (Any skill)
General major Brigadier General 5 Skills full. (Any skill)
General leutnant Lieutenant General 6 Skills full. (Any skill)
General General All skills full. (You're good when you have this)