Diablo III Launch Downtime - Emergency Maintenance - May 15th 2012


Current Status for North America servers set them to be back online around 1:30pm PST, That's 3:30pm CST and they just added a notice saying "one more hour".

Of course throughout the day this sent everyone running to the forums to see what was going on which resulted in a slowness and minor crashing there too. For continued updates see the official thread May 15th - Diablo III: Emergency Maintenance

Everyone knows, you take a "sick" day the day after Blizzard launches it's titles. It didn't take long after Diablo 3 launched on May 15th for the servers to go down, likely due to the onslaught of players itching to try it out. The error codes most began to see were:

  • Error Code 75: Temporary outage of Battle.net service
  • Error Code 317002

This isn't the first time this has happened. I recall the same problem on numerous World of Warcraft Expansion launches and the Diablo 2 and D2:LOD launch. As if waiting through all the extra patching and an install that seemed like it took about an hour, you now have a bit more waiting to do. Hope you didn't stay home from work or school "sick" today just to get a fix. Your simple head cold may just have to be upgraded to "flu" status tomorrow morning.