Real-Money Auction House Fees

The real money auction house (RMAH) blizzard has implemented for Diablo 3 is a complete waste of time if you ever plan to make real money from it. In fact if you ever did make "real" money from it, chances are they'd flag your account because you'd likely be hacking. It's easy enough from any database to keep stats on who's earning the most. Making a $50,000 a year salary would mean you are pulling in profits off the RMAH close to $100,000 a year. Given all the restrictions we mentioned in Buy & Sell Items For Gold & Cash - Market Auction House they've put in place for this process, GOOD LUCK! Minus that, lets follow what happens to a $100 item that you sell on the RMAH.

You sell $100 worth of commodity items on the real-money auction house.

  • 15% of that ($15.00) is blizzards cut leaving you with $85.00

Now you want to move your $85.00 in earnings to your Paypal account so you can do something else with that money that doesn't center around your account. There's a fee for that...

  • 15% of $85.00 is 12.75 (for blizzard) leaving you with $72.25

When Paypal receives these funds it is most certain NOT from "friends or family". So they charge you a fee. That appears to fall into the Small Fee Category (2.9% transaction fee on the total sale amount plus a $0.30 fee per transaction). Read Paypal's User Agreement for more info.

  • 72.25 x .029 = $2.10 + .30 = $2.40
  • $72.25 - $2.40 = $69.85

All said and done, we have $69.85 sitting in our bank account. BUT we still have to claim that in our taxes. We'll assume you are in the 33% bracket range.

  • $23.05 goes into taxes and you are left with $46.80

Less than HALF of what you started with. You only made 47% of what you initially sold the item for by the time it gets in your hands. So, if you want to have $100 in your hands after all said and done, you'll want to list an item on the RMAH closer to $200.00. Which makes this aspect of the game for someone in the 33% tax bracket a near complete waste of time as a "side job" given how much you're likely getting paid an hour already.

This means there is still PLENTY of room for black markets to establish and makes it more economic for them to do so considering the profit gouge they'd be receiving if they used the market. There for you'll likely be able to buy that same $100 item from them for $80 USD or less. Saving $20 bucks sound worth it? Does to me.



Well 72.50 dollars, isnt that bad considering the item your selling was a free drop in-game