Invincible Wizard - Archon and Teleport God Mode Bug

A recent exploit posted on the bug forums (and quickly edited by blizzard staff) provided a 5 step process to becoming invincible in Diablo 3. Original thread can be found at the official Diablo III forums: Exploit/Bug: Invulnerable Wizard

The cheat can be exploited by using the Wizards Teleport Spell with the Fracture Rune and the Archon spell with any rune.

  1. Bind Teleport - Fracture to a key
  2. Select Archon with Improved Archon (any should work though)
  3. Hover your mouse over or near your character
  4. Press Teleport
  5. QUICKLY Press Archon


Take note of how quickly the spells are activated by viewing the video around the 49 second mark.

This should make inferno much easier until it's patched. Obviously many users are hoping for a patch, even ones with wizards as it kind of ruins the game play. I doubt exploiting this bug will cause you to be banned, but as always, test it at your own risk.


As of 7-23-12 11:30 PM CST - This exploit appears to be patched following a server restart that Blizzard initiated in the past hour.