Fake Trainer Editor Bot & Gold Hack Downloads

Many of the hacks (featured in images below) are fake. Avoid downloading these trainers, editors or gold hacks claiming to work with Diablo 3. They are all a scam. Detailed below provides explanation of why something like this is not available for the public (if they truly exist outside of these fakes), and if it did, why you wouldn't want to use it.

How to spot fakes/scams and why they exist

  1. Most sites offering such a hack are not well known or ranked site in search engines. Check their rank on alexa.com and you'll generally find them over 1 million in rank (higher is bad, lower is good).
  2. When click the download link, you'll end up at another site which will send you through a nearly endless loop of taking surveys.
  3. Sometimes a download page will have a video paired with it. You'll notice all of those videos uses static images, cut always, lag, low quality video, or other cheap tactics to try and fool you into believing their hack exists.
  4. Look at comments. Comments are generally turned off on pages providing fake downloads. If it's a video on youtube, comments appear to have happened all on the same day weeks ago, with nothing recent.
  5. Should you obtain a file by completing any of these "offers" you'll obtain an "installer" that wants to put 3 or 4 programs on your machine before it will install or unzip the hack.
  6. Once you get past those screens the result will be yet another rar or zip file in which you'll find a readme.txt file with a note in it. It will point out that the accompanying file is password protected and in order to expand it, you'll need to download another file to unlock it.
  7. In that file you'll receive a link which again prompts you to take surveys again. And loop...

What's the point? Scammers are making money by wasting your time!

  • Someone gets paid for every survey that is taken (usually the person whom owns the site the link is posted on).
  • Someone else gets paid for surveys taken that involve you needing to enter a credit card to get a "first month free subscription". This is with the promise that it can be canceled before you're billed if you remember in time (though could lead down it's own path of a scam).
  • When installing 3rd party software it puts maleware on your machine. This allows other opportunities for that maleware to present you with other offers to again, make money.

Like pirated software with high demand, someone will get their hands on it and publish it without the scam or hassles. Clearly this has not happened.

If you had a trainer

Lets say you got your hands on a real working trainer. You might be able to use it for a few hours, maybe even a month depending on the software you're using and the subtly of the hack. After that, expect a ban. This isn't Diablo 2 where it takes Blizzard months to react and compile meaningful data. They've likely developed and planned much more efficient tools for tracking in Diablo 3 (Perhaps why it took so long to make). A core reason for this being, with the Real Money Auction House, that's more than just destroying other players gaming experience.

If you recall the May 8th 2013 gold dupe bug, EVERY account participating in these actions could be accounted for. Exactly 415 users were dealt with manually as you can see in Blizzards official statements.

Offline Single Player

Diablo 3 is a server side only game. You must be connected to the internet while playing on Blizzard's servers. For multiplayer and single player alike. This is true with other games like World of Warcraft, and falls under similar anti-cheat protections. This is why the Diablo 3 was made in a similar way. Should you ever actually get a hack working, your account is doomed to a banning (usually soon after) as exemplified in previous ban reports.

If we had an offline single player "sandbox" to test in (like Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 did), you bet there'd be editors in existence! The game isn't unhackable! Reading and writing of memory addresses to alter live game data and interactions exists. But when you have server side checks validating your every move, it's hard to toss in an anomaly on the client side that the server side is not going to notice. To illustrate a theoretical example of this:

  • A monster drops 1000 gold. The server knows how much it gave you, and expects you to only gain that much if and when you walk over it. If you altered the event to make that 1000 gold be 1 billion gold upon pickup, the server side logic is going to realize the calculation doesn't match up.

It's up to the developers of the game to build in these "tests" as they're commonly known in the software industry. Given what's happened in the past with Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, it seems certain that several on going tests were baked into the back end so that cheating could be tracked, traced and dealt with accordingly. Forcing internet connection to play (much to many people's dismay when the game was released) enforces the fact that you will almost never have the chance to bring a working trainer into fruition before you're caught and banned for trying. Though, if one were to get lucky by creating a cheat that worked around existing test cases, then you might actually have a working trainer. Honestly, this is a bit far fetched, and something that could be easily patched when discovered.


There's a reason why the most popular hack in Diablo 2 was botting. Botting involves emulating mouse movements and clicks, not actually modifying data in the game. This is where detection software like "Warden" came from.

What warden actually does in it's entirety is up to debate. Some report that it only scans certain memory addresses within the game only. It's also likely that it (or similar software paired with Blizzard games/warden) monitors background applications, searching for applications that are known to be used when hacking a game. In addition, some report that runs a port scan on your network. Over the last few years there have been attempts to beat warden by detecting scans and disabling hacks & software automatically for the duration of the scan. Nothing I'm seeing is 100% complete, but if you're interested in getting involved, check out these threads:


We're sure it's possible to hack Diablo 3. The biggest problem in using or creating a trainer is that you don't know if you'll be banned for it. This is mostly because everyone's understanding of anti-cheat measures and game mechanics is not always exact, complete and always changing as new updates roll out. If you have money to burn, the software development skills, and time to waste, then disregard any warnings presented here. Otherwise, the majority of gamers should focus on having fun with the game, or moving onto another game/activity in which you can have fun. It's not worth the frustration of losing existing time spent leveling characters legitimately, all to be lost quickly in trial/error attempts.

Disclaimer: The information here is based around theory and is not 100% fact.