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A programatic guide to hacking Diablo 2. This covers theory, text-drawing, red ball, coding approches, and writing your first hack.
Loooking to find games with the Diablo 2 clone eg. Respond to the "Diablo walks the earth" messages for those that want awesome loot and items
Guide to getting the Annihilus Charm. Creating a character that can kill the Diablo Clone. Finding and killing the Diablo Clone.
How to find the hellfire torch large charm. Getting the keys, body parts, and the fight in Tristram with Uber Diablo, Uber Baal, and Uber Mephisto with the right group and character builds.
How to get the three keys, open the portal and get the Inferno Charm (Hellfire Torch Large Charm)
A character build and strategy for each class type that will help a team stand up to the uber bosses.
Find which mercenaries suit your needs best by comparing skills, auras, and combat/defense/offence abilities between normal, nightmare, and hell difficulties.
Learn how to easilyswap and replace your Diablo 2 LOD cd key.
step-by-step installation guide to d2jsp so that you can automate and script your Diablo 2 gaming.
How to use the Hero Editor trainer to create and edit your items, character attributes, make backups and more.
All the known horadric cube recipes to create better items and and upgrad gear.