Serby CD-Key Changer

D2CKEY - Diablo II Expansion cd-key changer by Serby

This version of cd-key changer is made using the setup for Diablo II Expansion
not the setup from the beta version of Diablo. It has new functions and a more
powerfull GUI.

Warning!!! Do not rename the exe or else it will not work.

Usage: Unpack where you want and then execute.
Modify original cdkey ---- modifies the cdkeys in the original files of the game.
New cdkey file        ---- makes a new mpq file that contains only cdkeys.
If you are using a copy of Diablo II that is just copied (not installed) it will
ask the path to it.

It is perfectly compatible with any version of d2loader.

I know that there are a lot of cd-key changers but I wanted to make one that is
really easy to use.