Lord of Destruction Builds

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Amazon Guide to build a PvM Lightning Javazon. A good magic find character build. Also great for AOE clearing.
Trap Assassin Guide for PvM & PvP. Massive Single target damage.
Whirlwind Assassin PvP guide with a focus on Venom, Claw Mastery, and Fade.
Whirlwind Barbarian Guide which balances both PvM & PvP. One of the strongest WW builds for a barb as they're usually weak.
Concentration Barbarian Guide for PvP. A good tank for PvM, but not a prefered build. Strong in PvP for having high life, attack rating, and damage when paired with good gear.
Elemental Druid PvM & PvP with maxed Tornado, Cylcone Armour, Twister, Hurrican, and Oak Sage.
A bone necro build with Bone Spear and Teeth for PvM and Bone Spirit, Bone Wall, and Bone Prison for PVP.
The Novamancer build for necros relys on skills: Poision Nova, Poision Explosion, and Poision Dagger for individual targets while PvPing.
A PvM Hammeridian Paladin the relys on Blessed hammer for attacking and Concentration, Vigor, and Blessed Aim as support synergies.
A PvM Zealot Paladin maxes their Zeal, Fanaticism, Sacrifice, Holy Shield, and Defiance skills.
A PvP Hammeridian Paladin that uses Blessed Hammer and Charge as a main attack. Concentration, Vigor, Blessed Aim as support synergies.
A PvP Zealot Paladin maxes their Zeal, Fanaticism, Sacrifice, Holy Shield, and Charge skills.
A PvM, PvP, & MF Blizzard Sorceress. This is probably the most popular build to Magic Find with. It maxes Blizzard, Glacial Spike, Iceblast, and Cold Mastery.
PvM & PvP Lightning Sorceress with Chain Lightning, Lightning, Lightning Mastery, and Charged Bolt.
PvM & PvP Fire Sorceress with Fire botl, Fire Ball, Meteor, and Fire Mastery.
PvM Enchantress Sorceress with Enchant, Warmth, Fire Mastery, and Shiver Armor.