Diablo 2 Utilities

CD Key Changer - Utilities

This file will allow you to change the CD key that Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Lords Of Destruction uses. It basically goes in and changes the registry, technically you could do this manually but its just a lot easier this way.

D2 Loader No CD - Utilities

This will allow you to play Diablo 2 without a CD and offers a few other minor things.  Take a look in the readme file.

D2gfxdll - Utilities

Gets rid of the multiple copy check so you can run more then one Diablo 2 window at once. Replace the existing on in your main Diablo 2 folder with this one.

A program to help track IP, game name, game password, and bnet accounts when you're hunting for the Diablo 2 clone.

Packet Sender - Utilities

Packet sender...be careful when using this, its likely detectable