Easy Play Map Hack Free


1) Load EasyPlay in a channel and join a Battle.Net game
2) Diablo II should quit and create a FAILED_MODSIGS.txt file
3) Open MODSIGS.txt
4) Copy the 64 numbers after "Failed with unknown signature: " from your FAILED_MODSIGS.txt into your MODSIGS.txt file into a new line
5) Close and save MODSIGS.txt

You should now be "good to go" on battle.net! As soon as a new warden signature is encountered, it will be appended to the FAILED_MODSIGS.txt file. Each CD-Key has its own set of warden modules!, so you will have unique signatures for each CD-Key. To make identification of what signature is part of what CD-Key, your CD-Key will also be printed in the "FAILED_MODSIGS.txt" file. Hence, make sure not to send this file to anyone.

Attention: I don't suggest to just simply add every signature you come across. Remember: IF you add a signature you will tell EasyPlay that it's safe to run under that specific warden module. At release date of EasyPlay 2.0 there is no known (to me) warden module that can detect EasyPlay. Hence, you SHOULD be safe to add the first one/two signatures they're recognized as unknown.