People simply join a game and let their mules sit there for two hours, so that they can't expire. That's all.....not that exciting huh? Bah sorry I thought you said perming mules.
  • Automatically perm's one full account in ~16+ hours
  • Automatically restart game if some errors come up. (Example: disconnection in game...)
  • Automatic selection of chars that need to be permed
  • You can add multiple accounts to be permed (If one account is permed it will perm next one)
  • Use end button to terminate bot
  • Bot have Error logging and screenshot (you can enable/disable this future)
Configure Mule.ini and run MuleSetup.exe before using the bot.
The Diablo 2 screen resolution in game must be set to 800 * 600 resolutions
You must have first character with expiration! (New char)

Start MuleSetup.exe

Input how many accounts you planning to perm.
For each account provide account name and password.

You might need run color setup if bot does not work properly.
Note: By default bot ready for 32bits color desktop.

Color setup:
Note: Computer will beep after each step is completed.
Step 1
Wait for game to load (try skip movies) then press any key so all buttons appear then press Alt&0

Step 2
When you at login screen press Alt&1

Step 3
Make sure character highlighted and OK button NOT grey out, press Alt&2

Step 4
When you in pre-chat window press Alt&3

Step 5
After mouse clicked create button in pre-chat screen press Alt&4

Step 6
When your character in a game press Alt&5

Note: Do not use other 3rd party programs for your safety. It will reduce risk to get you banned.