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Spam bot that display a desired message in bnet channels. Specify channels, multiple channels, message timer. Runs as an AutoIt script.

C3PO Map Hack - Trainers

C3PO v3.02 An old but popular map hack. Though a little outdated, compared to others and use for educational purposes.

CD Key Changer - Utilities

This file will allow you to change the CD key that Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Lords Of Destruction uses. It basically goes in and changes the registry, technically you could do this manually but its just a lot easier this way.

D2 Loader No CD - Utilities

This will allow you to play Diablo 2 without a CD and offers a few other minor things.  Take a look in the readme file.

D2gfxdll - Utilities

Gets rid of the multiple copy check so you can run more then one Diablo 2 window at once. Replace the existing on in your main Diablo 2 folder with this one.

A program to help track IP, game name, game password, and bnet accounts when you're hunting for the Diablo 2 clone.

One of the most used maphacks out there. Updated and probably safe again - no guarantees of course.

EPIE Center - Editors

EPIE is the short form for (E)asy (P)lay (I)ni (E)ditor But it is a little more. With Epie you are able to set startparam to start Diablo and save these. So next time you want to play you start Epie and from that user interface you could start Diablo and EP with two button clicks and have fun.

Resets 10 day expiration, Support multiple accounts, Automatically starts Diablo

MulePermer - Bots

Perm your characters to ensure they do not expire from inactivity and consequently are deleted by Blizzard from multiplayer.

Packet Sender - Utilities

Packet sender...be careful when using this, its likely detectable

Stings Map Hack - Trainers

A map hack that gives you full map, show IAS/FCR/MF, monsters show in mini map, show game servers IP.

Common libraries, Dariens Mule Mod, Njip Item Parser, XP2 Scripts, Cow LVL Rush bot, Follow Bot, standard NIP Package, Yamb Multibot.