Surfing in Counter Strike: Source and other games is fun. Once you get to know how to surf.

To learn to surf I suggest using the map surf_greatriver_xdre4m; I started surfing on it and it's cool. And easy to surf.

So let's start; shall we?

Step 1

You're at the spawn, walk to the ramp, you will fall on the ramp, now press the A key to keep on the left and the D key to go to the right. Aim with your mouse. You will now continue to slide on the ramp, use your mouse to steer.

Step 2

The end of the ramp. We can fall off or we can continue to the next one, we will continue of course. Stop using your A and D key to go left or right and aim where you want to go now, DO NOT AIM ON THE MIDDLE OR YOU WILL FALL TO DEATH
When you're on the side start using your A and D keys again.

Step 3

Re-do step 1 & 2

If you need more help, PM me and I'll help you personally on my server.

What not to do

Do not press "S" in mid air, you will fall, it's the stop key