Server Console Commands

These commands are server side. Another words only admins will be able to use them.

hostname The name of the server.
sv_password Set server password. Leave blank to disable.
mp_friendlyfire <0/1> Turn on/off friendly fire. Default: off
mp_footsteps <0/1> Turn on/off footsteps. Default: on
mp_autoteambalance <0/1> Force clients to auto-join the opposite team if they are not balanced. Default: on
mp_autokick <0/1> Kick idle/team-killing players. Default: off
mp_flashlight <0/1> Turn on/off the ability for clients to use flashlight. Default: off
mp_tkpunish <0/1> Punish TK'ers on next round? Default: on
mp_forcecamera <0/1> Force dead players to first person mode, effectively disabling freelook. Default: off
sv_alltalk <0/1> Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions. Default: off
sv_pausable <0/1> Can the server be paused Default: 0
sv_consistency <0/1> Force cleints to pass consistency check for critical files before joining server? Default: 0
sv_cheats <0/1> Allow cheats on server. Default: 0
sv_gravity <0/1> World Gravity Default: 800
sv_maxvelocity Maximum speed any ballistic object is allowed to attain per axis. Default: 3500
sv_unlag <0/1> Enables player lag compensation. Default: 1
sv_voicecodec Specifies which voice codec DLL to use in a game. Set to the name of the DLL without the extension.. Default: vaudio_miles
sv_hltv <0/1> Enables HLTV on the server. Default: 0
sv_allowupload <0/1> Allow clients to upload their custom decals to the server. Default: 1
sv_allowdownload <0/1> Allow clients to download files. Default: 1
sv_maxspeed Maximum speed a player can move. Default: 320
mp_limitteams <0-20> Max # of players 1 team can have over another. Default: 2
mp_hostagepenalty <##> How many hostages a Terrorist can kill before being kicked, 0 to disable. Default: 5
sv_voiceenable <0/1> Allow clients to use mic. Default: 1
mp_allowspectators <0/1> Allow spectators on the server. Default: 1
mp_chattime <0-120> amount of time in seconds players can chat after the game is over. Lower value = faster map load change. Default: 10
sv_timeout <##> After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped. Default: 65
Rcon Cvars
rcon_password Set rcon passsword. Leave blank to disable rcon
sv_rcon_banpenalty <mins> Number of minutes to ban users who fail rcon authentication. Default: 0
sv_rcon_maxfailures <0-20> Max number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned. Default: 10
sv_rcon_minfailures <0-20> Number of times a user can fail rcon authentication in sv_rcon_minfailuretime before being banned. Default: 5
sv_rcon_minfailuretime <1-seconds> Number of seconds to track failed rcon authentications. Default: 30
Round Cvars
mp_freezetime <0-60> Time in seconds to keep players frozen when the round starts. Default: 6
mp_roundtime <1-9> How much time in minutes does a round last. Default: 5
mp_startmoney <800-16000> Amount of money each player gets when they reset (16000 max) Default: 800
mp_c4timer <10-90> The amount of time in seconds before bomb explodes after planted. Default: 45
mp_fraglimit <##> Amount of frags a player can exceed before changing maps. Default: 0
mp_maxrounds <##> Amount of round to play before server changes maps. Default: 0
mp_winlimit <0-20> Max number of rounds one team can win before server changes maps. Default: 0
mp_playerid <0/1/2> Controls what information player see in the status bar: 0 all names; 1 team names; 2 no names. Default: 0
mp_spawnprotectiontime Time in seconds to Kick players who team-kill after round restart. Default: 5
Bandwidth Rates
sv_minrate <0-25000> Min bandwidth rate allowed on server. Default: 0 (unlimited)
sv_maxrate <0-25000> Max bandwidth rate allowed on server. Default: 0 (unlimited)
decalfrequency Amount of time in seconds a player can spray their decal. Default: 10
sv_maxupdaterate Maximum updates per second that the server will allow. Default: 60
sv_minupdaterate Minimum updates per second that the server will allow. Default: 10
Server logging
log <on/off> Enable server logging? Default: off
sv_logbans <0/1> Log server bans in the server logs. Default: 0
sv_logecho <0/1> Echo log information to the console. Default: 1
sv_logfile <0/1> Log server information in the log file. Default: 1
sv_log_onefile <0/1> Log server information to only one file. Default: 0
sv_logsdir Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.
bot_add 'bot_add' is a value itself. Adding this to your server configuration will enable bots
bot_quota <1-32> Amount of bots to add. Adding many bots will use more cpu. Start with a few bots, then add more if needed.
bot_quota_mode <normal/fill> If 'Fill', the server will adjust bots to keep # players in the game, where # is bot_quota (from above) Default: Normal
bot_difficulty <0/1/2/3> Skill of bots. Values are: 0=easy, 1=normal, 2=hard, 3=expert. Default: 0
bot_chatter Control how bots talk. Values: 'off', 'radio', 'minimal', or 'normal'. Default: Normal
bot_auto_follow <0/1> Allow bots to automatically follow a human player. Default: 1
bot_auto_vacate <0/1> Kick bots to automatically make room for human players. Default: 1
bot_join_after_player <0/1> Bots must wait for a people to join before joining? If No, bots will play without people. Default: 1
bot_defer_to_human <0/1> Can bots complete objectives if there are humans on a team? Default: 0
bot_prefix Prefix for bot names. A prefix is a tag that bots will have in front of their name. you can enter your clan tag or leave blank.
bot_allow_rogues <0/1> bots may occasionally go 'rogue'. Rogue bots do not obey radio commands, nor pursue scenario goals.. Default: 0
bot_walk <0/1> The speed at which bots can move. 0=walk+run, 1=walk Default: 0
bot_join_team <any/T/CT> What teams are bots allowed to join? Default: any
bot_eco_limit <0-16000> Bots will not buy if their money falls below this amount. Default: 2000
Bot Weapon Restriction
bot_all_weapons Allow bots to use all weapons. 'bot_all_weapons' is the value.
bot_knives_only Allow bots to use only knives. 'bot_knives_only' is the value.
bot_pistols_only Allow bots to use only pistols. 'bot_pistols_only' is the value.
bot_snipers_only Allow bots to use only sniper rifles. 'bot_snipers_only' is the value.
bot_allow_grenades <0/1> Allow bots to use grenades. Default: 1
bot_allow_pistols <0/1> Allow bots to use pistols. Default: 1
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns <0/1> Allow bots to use sub machine guns. Default: 1
bot_allow_shotguns <0/1> Allow bots to use shotguns. Default: 1
bot_allow_rifles <0/1> Allow bots to use rifles. Default: 1
bot_allow_snipers <0/1> Allow bots to use sniper rifles. Default: 1
bot_allow_machine_guns <0/1> Allow bots to use machine guns. Default: 1
sv_lan <0/1> 0=Public/LAN, 1=LAN Default: 0
sv_region Geographic location of the server. -1 World 0 US East coast 1 US West coast 2 South America 3 Europe 4 Asia 5 Australia 6 Middle East 7 Africa
sv_contact Contact email for server sysop



Hey i made a css dedicated server, from the "tools" tab on my steam folder. I was wondering if there were any console commands so i can add admins to the server? plz asnwer [email protected] thank you


Does anyone know how to edit default settings for a bot server by console. I accidentally changed default sv_accelerate to 10. I would like to change the default back to 5. I know how to change it back to 5 for one created server but i have to do it everytime unless i know the default edit ways..


Yes there is. For mani admin this is the console command:
rcon ma_client AddClient "NAME"
rcon ma_client AddSteam "NAME" "STEAMID"
rcon ma_client SetAFlag "NAME" "+#"
rcon ma_client SetiFlag "NAME" "+#"

Do all these steps for giving someone admin.
rcon ma_client SetiFlag is for immunity, dont do it if you dont want someone to have immunity.
The "+#" is All Commands. I dont know how to give admin with just basic commands.



1. Open autoexec.cfg at cstrike\cfg folder
2. Remove everything and type there:
exec config_default.cfg

then file -> save and press X
Open CSS and play with everything default!


But you first have to download mani admin for dedicated server


I have something to add to the list: sv_bounce # changes how much a player is bounced back when jumping into a wall. default is 0, 1000 is funny.


Hi, i made a dedicated server for some couple of days ago. And i want a system that change between two maps after 20 minutes on each, somebody who knows how ? something to put in the server.cfg or something ? plz answer ....

Debasis Rath

Yeah, just adjust the time limit in the server to 20 minutes and you are done!! Enjoy!!


hey can i make my server unvac in console??


hi i made a dedicated server ... i want to reset my server and also reset the information of top15 players ... i want to reset all the information of my server


I have got a free server on I deeply recommend it for server hosting, you can try it 2 hours for free!

Good luck! =)


No... This can only be done from the server cmd.


All you have to do is reinstall the server


Hi, I'm currently in charge of running a CSS server and I am wondering what the config is to start every round with 16K?


hey gusy, iam currently running a server for a friend and he wants the players to have no consistency (so they can go trough one another). anyone know what command that intails? a anwser would be amazing


in Round Cvars (server.cfg) you will find this:
mp_startmoney 800 just change the 800 for 16000. :)

hope this helps.


in map cstrike/cfg open server.cfg and change sv_consistency 1 to sv_consistency 0 and its done


i want to know that when i start a new game,how to make money 16000 default and freeze time 1 sec?
because everytime i start a new game,money resets to 800 and freeze time resets to 6 secs.


Hi! I made a server recently and i need it for practice clan wars also known as PCW's or "mixes". So i want the server to tell the players that it is now going to restart three times before the match begins, and then restart... wait for a few seconds, restart again, wait and restart again and then start recording a demo.


Simple set mp_startmoney 16000 and mp_freezetime 1 in server.cfg


Hey i just made a dedicated server for CS:S. (The one you get through the tools tab) And i was just wondering if u can install mods (warcraft, HnS, B Hop, etc.) and if you can, How? Please help.


vishal keyboards bind key or the console key is not working can anybody help me by telling how to change it to other key except that...


hello there. I have got a dedicated server and when i put zblock folders at the server i dont have admin menu. Can anyone help me plz?
Thanks for reading and hope i can have a solution:)



I want to give players 16000 per round actualy i am the admin of the server

please help me



Hey guys i was just wondering if there was a cheat to upgrade BOTS health.


Hi. is there a console comand that gives u spawnprotection?



On my server i will use rcon commands but, if i use ex "mp_restart" the console writes "Bad rcon password". Help?