How To Play In First Person Mode

Enabling first person view allows you to play Alien Swarm as a FPS instead of in overhead mode. You need to Enable the Command Console first to do this. See the video for an example of how it looks.

First Person Mode Enter the following console Commands:

  • firstperson
  • asw_hide_marine 1
  • asw_controls 0

Commands Description

  • firstperson - Enables first person mode
  • asw_hide_marine 1 - Gets the character out of the way so you can see
  • asw_controls 0 - Fixes automated camera controls to act in FPS mode.

Commands to Revert Back To Third Person View Enter the following console Commands:

  • thirdperson
  • asw_hide_marine 0
  • asw_controls 1


  • Since we changed the camera controls, you wont be able to interact with the mouse when you're a technician and trying to hack a door or interface.
  • Depending on your setup, the game will probably run a lot slower. Clearly the hardware requirements go up if you do this. You also wont be able to see what's coming up behind you as easily which is why I wouldn't recommend playing in this mode all the time.
  • Does not work in multiplayer unless the host has "sv_cheats 1" enabled (and its not by default).