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Site News

We just released the new "play games" section of our site. The list is small at the moment, but with the feature in place we can easily add more games. If you have specific requests for a game you were addicted to years ago, use the Contact Us form and describe it in detail. We'll try to find and post it for you to play again!

To start out, two of this teams favorites are the ones that are up there now:

New design, new features, new experience! Along with the design change, we've reorganized our content and created more intuitive menus with content that relates to the game you're in. Also we felt core game pages needed to provide clear insight via video example of whether or not you'd want to play something if you've never seen it before. This means game play reviews, or at the very least game play videos on the front page of every game you'll see here. Not just those "pretty" CG trailers, which for me don't help at all in making a purchase decision.

Game News

Alien Swarm, released just last week (7-19-10) is a tactical overhead shooter released by Valve (Creators of the Half-Life Series)

Portal is free to install through steam till May 24th 2010. Grab it and play it later at the least!

There are TONS of new cheats and trainer downloads up. I may add a few more within the next day or two so stay tuned. For now this should suffince as I've added things that many of you have been requesting. If anyone would like to see anything else just ask in the forums or send us an email and we'll try out best.